Working Mothers – Choosing a Nursery

Putting your Child into Childcare and looking for a perfect nursery? Look no further for tips on choosing the best!

Making the decision to put your child into care whilst you go back to work can be a tough one. It is important to choose a nursery that is best suited to the needs of you and your child. When looking at nurseries, the following should be taken into consideration: Staff, Fees, Facilities and Equipment.

Nursery Staff
Nurseries usually have a large and varied staff. It is important to ensure that the nursery employs staff who are trained and qualified to work in childcare. In Scotland, for example; the most common childcare qualification is an HNC or SVQ in childcare. Many nurseries employ trainees, who work in the nursery whilst studying.

Working mothers have a big decision to make when it comes to choosing a nursery, therefore it is vital that the staff are warm and welcoming and have a good rapport with the children in their care. As you will be trusting the nursery staff to look after your child, it is important that you feel you can trust them. Staff should be happy to answer any questions you have and re-assure you of your child’s safety and well being whilst in their care.

Nursery Fees
While your child is in the nursery, you will be paying for their care; As a working mother it is important to find a nursery with reasonable fees. In some cases fees will cover children’s meals throughout the day, and may also provide nappies and wipes whilst your child attends the nursery. It is vital that you are aware of what is included in the nursery fees before making your decision.

Facilities in the Nursery
When visiting the nursery for the first time, you will have a good idea of the facilities available. As a working mother you may find that you don’t have the time to look around properly; below are some of the main points to look out for:

Playrooms – Ensure these are bright and airy and decorated with the children’s artwork
Kitchen Area – This should be clean and tidy. This will also give you an opportunity to see if there is a nursery cook and ask about meals.
Garden – The nursery should have a garden large enough for children to run around in,eeing this in use allows you to properly view the play equipment therein.
Door – Ensure the establishment has secure access; either by a locked door or buzzer system; This will ensure your child’s safety whilst in the nursery.

Nursery Equipment
Whilst looking round the nursery you should be able to see playrooms full of toys and equipment suited to the childrens’ age.

The baby room should have a soft floor with mats and pillows for young babies. There should also be a large variety of toys to help stimulate the children’s development.
Pre-school rooms should contain some of the same equipment as the toddler room as well as space for the children to develop further. Book corners with lots of books, and areas for pretend play, are all essential for pre-school children.

All playrooms should have a rest area where children can go to sleep, or have a rest.

Activities in the Nursery
As you may have seen a variety of equipment in the nursery, it is important to find out if it is used. During nursery hours, these areas should be open and available for children to play in.

Children should have access to the garden for outdoor play at least once a day. For younger babies they should get out in prams for walks daily.

Choosing the Right Nursery
As a working mother it is important that childcare is affordable, accessible, and provides the best care for your child. Be sure to have as many visits as you need, before deciding on a nursery for your child.

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