Wardrobes for a Small Bedroom

In the UK, many older houses have one or more bedrooms that are very small, although the main bedroom is usually large. It appears when these houses were built, it was customary that children would sleep in small rooms with maybe only one piece of furniture other than the bed. If you are choosing furniture for a small bedroom there are some styles of wardrobes such as mirrored wardrobes or white wardrobes that help make the room appear larger, just as wall mirrors can be used for the same purpose if you have enough wall space.

Installing a mirrored floor to ceiling wardrobe is a great way to make a small bedroom appear much bigger, as they create an illusion of space. This is not only beneficial for small bedrooms but also makes a larger room appear more elegant. See http://www.floortoceilingfittedfurniture.com for some great fitted wardrobes.

A mirrored wardrobe will also increase the amount of light in your room, whether it is natural sunlight or light from the light bulb. So your mirrored wardrobe will not only be a space to store your clothes and other items, it will also help to make your room brighter. The mirror on the wardrobe is especially useful for small a bedroom, as you will not need to find a space for a separate mirror.

You will find there are many options when shopping for a mirrored wardrobe, and if you are purchasing for a small bedroom you would be wise to select a wardrobe with sliding doors rather than hinged. These require very little space as you do not need to worry if you can open the door. As long as there is room for you to walk between the mirror and the bed you will be able to manage quite well.

Mirrored wardrobes suit all types of bedrooms, and unlike some other styles of bedroom furniture, they will never be out of date.

Dark wooden furniture can make a small bedroom appear even smaller and quite depressing, as it does not enhance the brightness of the room in any way. However, if you select a white wardrobe in a small bedroom, it will help make the room appear much brighter and somewhat larger. Another advantage of choosing white is that it will go with any wallpaper and other furnishings that you have in the room.

Some people worry that they will not be able to keep white furniture clean, especially if it is going to be placed in a room with young children. White wardrobes today are manufactured with easy to clean modern finishes, and you should find that simply wiping them with a warm damp cloth is enough to remove any scuff marks or stains. Just like with mirrored wardrobes, a white wardrobe with sliding doors is an ideal choice for a small bedroom that needs brightening up.

One thing to be aware is if you buy fitted wardrobes, you might have to leave them behind when you move house. You can find out more about moving furniture here.

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