The Importance of Swimming Pool Fences

Home swimming pools provide an atmosphere for enjoyment for the entire family. When creating a pool, there are several things you will eed – a paint made specifically for pools like this one sold by Arcrite Paints, a pool cover, and chemicals to keep the pool clear. However, the most important item is a safety fence – there are certain safety risks that should not be ignored.

The reasons to build a fence around a pool are endless. Fences not only enhance the pool space, but they add a level of safety to the entire pool environment. In some localities, there are laws requiring pool owners to construct a fence around a pool area. An unenclosed pool area can result in injury or drowning. While not alone, children are especially prone to this occurrence because the majority of them do not know how to swim. Fences make the pool area more inviting and gives off the tone that the area is safe.

Proper Fencing Material to Use for a Pool

The fence material used to construct the barrier can be made out of a number of different materials. When I go to Spain, I see fences are typically made from wood, metal, or fiberglass. The cheapest alternative for metal fencing is a common chain link fence. These are often constructed around public pools. However, they leave room for rodents to enter the pool area. To deter this, use a fence with smaller openings.

Wooden fences are increasingly common and popular because they look fancier than metal barriers and allow for more privacy. Wooden fences are built where all the boards are tight against one another. The design doesn’t allow gaps for any critters to enter through. Be sure and stain the wooden boards to improve the quality and overall look of the fence.

Fiberglass fencing is also a product used in pool fencing. However, be sure to place stickers or signs on the glass since it is clear so no one runs though it on accident. The type of fencing is based on personal preference and budget. Keep the height of the fences higher than that of the pool and high enough where people or large animals are unable to jump over.

The Benefits of a Protected Pool Space

Building a fence around a pool gives the owner piece of mind. Knowing the only entrance to the pool is through a locked or latched door is refreshing and keeps the chances of accidents low. A fence also keeps pets and other creatures out of the pool area making it a clean environment.

A fenced in pool may also help lower the cost of home insurance. An injury sustained in an unfenced or unprotected pool area usually is seen as the property owners fault. Avoid costly claims by installing a fence and showing that the pool space is owned by responsible parties.

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