The Best Mattress for Your Individual Needs

Choosing the right mattress is important as you will probably only replace your mattress around once a decade. There are so many different types on the market, that selecting the right one can be a challenge.

Purchasing a Mattress

Purchasing a mattress is an important decision because you will be spending many hours sleeping on it for a number of years. A good quality mattress will help you get a good nights sleep, while a poor quality, uncomfortable mattress is likely to keep you awake. Because restful sleep is very important, and determines how well we can perform daily activities, you should look closely at the quality of a mattress before deciding which one to buy.

Finding a High Quality Mattress

Firstly when you are shopping for a mattress you must determine just what you require of it: This will help you reduce your choices, and make the list of suitable mattresses shorter. If you do not have any problems such as back ache, and you just want a comfortable mattress for your personal tastes, trying a number of mattresses in stores should be adequate for you. However if you need a mattress to relieve a certain type of pain, which will commonly be back ache or leg pain, you should look at a brand of mattresses that has been designed specifically for this very purpose.

You should also take care to evaluate the thickness of the padding of the mattress. This is found on the top layer and it separates the springs or coils from your body as you sleep. Generally speaking, the thicker the padding, the higher the quality of mattress. This will also determine how expensive the mattress is; a thicker padding will always cost more.

Sleeping With a Partner

If you share your bed with a partner, you will have to consider how the pair of you sleep when you purchase a new mattress. if you generally sleep on your back, then it is okay to go with a softer mattress. Because your rear and shoulders will sink into the soft mattress, your body will remain aligned as you sleep. However, if you typically sleep on your front, a firmer mattress is preferable. It will press against your stomach keeping your spine aligned. People who sleep on their side have the option of choosing either, but many prefer a softer mattress for comfort reasons. A problem may arise if one of you is a stomach sleeper and the other prefers to sleep on his back: If this is your situation you would be wise to consider a sleep number bed which has a separate mattress for each partner, although they are joined.

Latex Mattresses

Another consideration is what your mattress will be made from. A latex mattress is a good choice if you tend to be allergic to dust mites or other allergens. However, it is not a good choice for people that are allergic to rubber. Your skin will breathe exceptionally well with a latex mattress, and they are also ideal for couples when one or both partners tend to toss and turn at night. Latex mattresses do not transfer vibrations or sudden movements, so if one partner tends to move a lot it will not affect the other.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are very durable compared to other mattress types and also conform well to body shape, which provides maximum support and comfort. They are a very good choice if you have problems with your back or neck, and are particularly recommended for those who like to sleep on their stomachs. If you decide to buy a memory foam mattress you should go for one that has three units of density if possible. You will find mattresses with lower densities at a lower price, but these do not provide much support and may not help a bad back.

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