Promoting Businesses with Micro Websites

The Micro Site and its Manifold Business Advantages

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A Micro website is a simple Internet solution with certain basic Web features to meet the requirements of many small businesses to showcase the products and services.

Micro websites are productively used by several business houses to tell the intending customers about the basic services / products, create virtual stores and enlarge the business.

Micro websites generally contain no more than five pages – the company home page, product/services profile page and contact page with an enquiry form. Some micro websites also include a feedback form to facilitate customers to interact.

The Need for Micro Websites

A Website may be defined as a collection of web pages that contain texts, images, videos or other information capable of being accessed through Internet. Owning a full-fledged website has its share of impediments like registering a domain name, engaging professional website designers, seeking a web hosting provider, developing content with search engine optimization and, last but not least, regular website maintenance.

Most of these steps can be circumvented if one opts for a micro website which can be put in place within a matter of minutes using website builder wizard. A micro website has certain distinct advantages particularly for self-employed professionals and small home-based businesses and cottage industries.

In today’s computer age most people are comfortable buying products and services online. Micro websites will expose the products/services of even small and marginal businessmen to much wider global audiences.

Promoting Business with Micro Websites

Micro websites more popularly called mini websites can be used to promote various types of products and services:

-Home-based businesses and cottage industries that operate within a limited budget
-Promotion of any single product or services or a particular event or new product launch
-Establishing a Web presence for self-employed professionals like physicians, lawyers, real estate agents
-Ideal for businesses that already have a strong web presence and want to experimentally promote a new unit
-Suitable for email marketing campaigns to maximize returns on investment.
-Useful for SEO purposes if there is an existing website to link with it

Micro Websites can be used as landing pages for internet marketing campaigns, where customers may be directed to mini website pages rather than the regular company website. It can also be used for seasonal product-specific marketing campaigns

Advantages of Micro Websites

A micro Website can serve as an online store and it can be set up within a few minutes at very little cost. The procedure is very simple and all that one has to do is to successively make a few clicks using the in-built wizard. While a regular website with its attendant advanced features like flash animation, and complex navigation cannot be dispensed with, many businesses are also convinced with the benefits of micro websites.

Micro sites are small, quite often with not more than four linking pages but offer most of the features of the regular websites. While some critics may argue that micro sites have only limited basic functions, the fact remains that not all website owners would require all the features of a regular website.

Most businesses want Web presence but do not require a full-fledged site with complicated coding, extensive pages, or e-Commerce shopping carts. Micro sites are extremely cost-effective for a small company that merely wants to do online business.

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