Mascara Wars, Which Brand is Right for you?

Last year I had my first set of lash extensions applied by Janette of Designer Lashes London. They were great! But it isn’t a beauty treatment we can all afford 12 months of the year, so I decided to do a little digging and find the best mascara for those times when we cannot afford to get our lash extensions touched up. This is what I found…

OK Ladies!  Black? Brownish Black? Very Black? or How about Blue? Do we want our lashes longer,thicker, or just more natural.  How many question run through your mind when yo are at the cosmetic counter!  Often we don’t have the luxury of going to a counter.. just ot our local department store.  How are we supposed know what works and what doesn’t?  Are we just supposed to trust the supermodel of the week?  Nope.. Fret no more. I have the scoop on the Mascara Wars!.  Below is a list of what people are wearing and why!!!

Mascara Mistakes to avoid

( these tips came directly from Paul Begond, author of Don’t go the Cosmetics Counter Without me!)

  • Do not wear colored mascara such as blue, purple or green if you’re going for a professional daytime look.
  • Do not wear mascara that smears; there are lots of brands that don’t.
  • Do not use waterproof mascaras on a daily basis; they are too difficult to remove and too hard on your lashes.
  • Do not forget to apply mascara evenly to lower lashes.
  • Do not over-apply mascara; your lashes will look clumpy.

Mascara became popular with the Egyptians in history. I found one blog stating those Egyptians used alligator poo as a part of the ingredients. Blech! Later on in the 1800’s the notion of light eyelashes were believed to be a birth defect. So woman began using extracts from Walnuts or burnt almonds.

Mascara today comes in tow forms, waterproof or water soluable. Ideally mascaras are used to enhcance your eyes without clumping or flaking. Often las curleres are used to make ones lashes stand out. Using too much mascara will cause clumping or flaking. If you use mascara to excess it may cause your lashes to break! Waterproof mascara may be problematic too because of having to pull and tug at the lashes to get it off.

Best Mascaras under £10

Chick Advisor wrote a blog about what are the best mascaras. In the ten and under category the best rated Mascaras were the following:

Lo-real Voluminous Lash for eight dollars received 4 out of five stars.

What they said: will hold curl but tends to get clumpy

Lash Stiletto received four out of five stars and was priced around £7.50.

What they said: It is clump free but many don’t like the scent and the fact it made your lashes look fake

Lash Blast from Cover girl received four out of five stars and priced around £6.

What they said: you won’t care for the big brush

The Colossal by Maybeline received four out of five stars and also priced around £5.

What they said: the scent bothers some.

The Best Mascaras

The Best mascaras are said to be Diorshow mascara.  The price is around £18 and it is said to have a short shelf life.

Drugstore Mascaras

One blog I found put up the Colossal by Mabeline against the Lash Blast by Cover girl. The winner? Lash blast won two out of the three tests this woman put them through. Both products made her eyelashes fuller and darker. Both came off easy after washing her face. However, the Colossal was a tad more expensive and she experienced some flaking.

Battery Operated Mascara?

I tried hard not to laugh at this one.   I founds an article that compared two.. battery operated  mascaras. Yep Battery operated. Estee Lauder introduced the TurboLash, a battery operated mascara.  In response Lanacome introduces  Oscillation, their battery operated mascara.  If I get anything battery operated near my eye…it is all over with.  I might as well shove  a battery operated toothbrush in it and save me the trouble.  The battery operated mascaras were introduced this summer.  On the day it was introduced…they sold out.. 5000 of them!!  The purpose of the battery operated mascara is to provide better coverage.  The TuboLash sells at £20 .00 and has a 7,000 oscillations per minute wheel the Oscillation is £24.00 and produces 7,500 oscillations a minute.  You decide if it is right for you!

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