Like Watching TV? Then Never Mount A TV Over A Fireplace!

We have all seen how great flat screen TVs look above a fireplace, in movies and in magazines. It does make a room look nice and modern but it is actually not a good spot for it. People do not realize that TVs are not meant to be watched up so high. Neck strain is very common when placing a TV above a fireplace. It is fine if you are in a doctor’s office or somewhere that you will not be at for long but a home is where you live and will do most of your TV watching. A much better option is one of the superb range of hole in the wall fires you can find online.

If you want to enjoy a nice movie in your home, you may get uncomfortable from having to hold your head up to look at the screen, for a long period of time. LED, as well as LCD TVs, are meant to viewed at eye level. The angles of these televisions vary the picture quality, so having to look up will possibly give you a difference in the colour and quality than it would if you are eye level with the TV.

Not only does a flat screen above a fireplace affect your neck and the quality of the images, it can also affect the TV, in general. If you use your fireplace often, the soot and heat can play a big part in the temperature of the TV. This can cause your TV to overheat, can possibly cause damage to the internal mechanisms, and may actually void your warranty. For the price you pay for a flat screen, it would be a totally waste to have it ruined by being positioned over a fireplace. If you insist on having it over the fireplace, you want to look at wall mounted electric fires instead.

One of the best places for your flat screen is on a stand that is eye level or a little below. This will keep the picture quality great for all viewers, prevent neck strain, and not allow the TV to be overheated, due to a fireplace.


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James Steele

James Steele

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