Decorating with Blue

The colour blue is a peaceful hue; it soothes the nerves and sobers the mind. Decorating with blue in the home creates inviting rooms built for relaxation.

Choose Your Paint

Choose a paint colour: Paint social rooms; such as living rooms and dens, in warm denim blue or ocean blue tones. These warmer tones invite calm and ward off stress. Paint your bedroom or home office in cool blues, such as turquoise or cobalt. Cool blues can make a small room seem bigger and encourage focus. Paint a north-facing room a warm periwinkle to bring in a summery glow.

Decorating with Blue and White

Pair blue with white for a fresh, cool feeling. Paint the ceiling an ice-blue and combine with white walls to make your room feel airier and open; A blue and white bathroom can mimic the restful feeling of a spa. Tranquility comes with the lighter to medium shades; an overabundance of blue in dark tones can make your room cold and depressing.

Decorating with Blue and Green

Combine blues with greens in your decorating for a nature-inspired effect. These two colours used together look just as good in your home as they do outside in your garden. The result is a peaceful feeling; it may conjure up the sensation that you are on an lush island oasis.

Decorating with Blue and Yellow

Pair blue walls or furniture with warm, yellow-toned woods; such as oak, if too much blue has left you feeling cold. Add sunny, yellow accessories for cheer and contrast; Blue and yellow are complementary colours and work well together.

Using Blue Furniture and Accessories

Combine bright blue furniture with white walls for a vivid splash of colour; This is a great idea for rented apartment dwellers who are not allowed to paint the walls. Blue furniture can also add a punch to a room filled with woods and neutral tones. Don’t use several pieces of blue furniture if you are prone to sadness; Too much blue can generate depression and a feeling of being trapped.

Add blue to your home with accessories, if you are not ready for blue furniture. A bright blue vase on your mantle, a vivid blue picture frame or a turquoise table runner add a splash of unexpected colour and cheer.

Layering Your Blues

Layer your blues if you want to use blue in a monochromatic scheme. Place a deep blue rug on the floor. Add a light blue chair or couch and paint the walls with a hint of blue. Vary your tints and shades so the blue does not become overwhelming.

Triad Colors

Pair blue with yellow and red for a more complex palette. These three colours are called a triad; they are complementary to each other. You won’t want to use all three in the most vivid tone unless you are decorating a child’s room. Use lighter shades and different tones for hints of colour.

Be Cautious when using blue in a room where you will eat; blue is a natural appetite suppressant: great for those wanting to diet!

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