Creative Fundraising Ideas to Raise Money for Your Group

Innovative fundraisers can attract people to raise money for your school, church or group.

Conducting a fundraiser can be a fun, creative process. Fundraisers may be used to bring in money to support a church, send a school group on a trip, or purchase items. Charity fundraisers raise money for charity use. Design a fundraiser that relies on tried and true methods to raise money, or surprise everyone with a creative and innovative new fundraiser that is sure to attract many people.

Fundraiser Meals

Cook a low cost meal that can be sold for profit. Foods like pancakes or spaghetti are popular fundraiser meals since the ingredients are inexpensive, the food is quick and easy to make, and the food is crowd pleasing. Decrease the cost even more by asking grocery stores, restaurants or caterers to donate food items to be cooked by volunteers.

Raising Money With Treats

Ask volunteers to create and donate treats and host a sale, such as a bake sale. Beyond bake sales, try hosting other treat sales, such as candy sales or selling savory treats like pretzels. Try selling treats at large gatherings, like sports games or events. Ask permission before setting up your fundraiser.

Sending Sentiments

At a school or work setting, sending a sentiment as a fundraiser is a good way to bring excitement to the school or work day. Try selling small, inexpensive flowers that a volunteer can deliver later in the day. Other sentiments include handmade cards, or small pieces of candy. Allow the sender to hand write a note that can be included with delivery. Ask a local florist or grocery store to donate flowers or candy for the fundraiser.

Sales as Fundraisers

Procuring a product at a discount and then selling it for profit is another way to build funds for your group or event. You can work with a fundraiser company that specializes in offering inexpensive goods to sell for profits, such as candy manufacturers. Check with local businesses to see if they will donate their goods or services for you to sell for profit.

Washing Cars and Dogs for Money

Hold a car or a dog wash as a fundraiser. Find an open, public location with a water source that will allow you to use their water supply. The essentials for the fundraiser, like soap and towels, are inexpensive and easily donated. Have volunteers scrub and clean the cars or animals. Try advertising the wash using large signs, or ask local newspapers if they will allow you to advertise for free.

No matter which fundraiser you choose, try to find your supplies for free or at a discounted rate. Try to advertise prior to the fundraiser to gain interest in the event and in the reason that you are raising funds.

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