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Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument Treatments In The UK

CACI (Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument) treatment uses a special machine to provide an electronic beauty treatment, or non-surgical face lift. This treatment tones the facial muscles, strengthens saggy skin and smoothes out lines and wrinkles.

Therapy with micro-current was developed initially as a treatment for facial palsy; restoring muscle tone by the application of miniscule electric impulses to affected areas of muscle.

This now fully proven technology is now used in specialised clinics for facial toning and the non-surgical face lift.

What is Involved

Each treatment lasts an hour, during which all 32 muscles in the face are stimulated gently in precise practised movements by expert professionals. Special wands with soft cotton tips are applied to the face; transmitting micro-current energy to muscles; restoring elasticity and tone. A course of 10-12 treatments is recommended, but visual changes are apparent after only one hour. The results after the full course are incredible and pain free. Top up treatments are advised every month or two, of just one or two sessions.

The University of Washington published results of a study which proved micro-currents achieved a 45% increase in elastin, 10% in collagen and a 35%increase in blood flow.

A unique “Wrinkle Comb”; combining red and blue LED light stimulation, is used to remove deep wrinkles and lines, by plumping up the skin, in an alternative method to a collagen lip filler treatment in London or botox injections.

CACI treatment can be beneficial to all parts of the face, including around the eyes and saggy jowls, as well as strengthening the skin on the hands.

Prices vary by clinic; a course of 10 treatments can cost anything between £450 and £800.

Consumer reviews

There are many consumer reviews online, mostly praising the treatment as highly successful and pain free. However one reviewer in particular mentioned not feeling or seeing results after many sessions, until another therapist took over the treatment. She then claimed to feel the difference during treatment and notice a marked improvement afterward; suggesting the skills of the therapist make a big difference to results.

It is also possible to buy the wands to treat yourself, although the fore-mentioned review would maybe suggest that is not such a good idea; at least until you have had the treatment professionally and know how it is done. Maybe for follow up treatments, but personally I believe we should leave it to the experts.

CACI treatments are growing in popularity among celebrities, as a preferable alternative to “going under the knife” and all the possible side effects and recovery times.

Anyone wishing to smooth out those lines and wrinkles and tone up the complexion would be well advised to try this effective and painless procedure.



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