Carpet Tile – A Unique Look

Whatever the design style, eccentric idea, or utilitarian need; carpet tile is the way to implement a unique carpet floor finish without compromising quality, says Martin Reaves from persianandmodernrugs.com.

When considering carpeting, or replacing an older existing floor tile; go beyond the conventional and consider carpet tiles. With a wide selection available, this may be the uniquely perfect floor application you need, to bring a designer splash to your living space.

They come in an amazing variety; geometric, contemporary, borders, solids, patterns, and prints, that vary in thickness and cushion levels. Or, if you can’t find what you want, custom colour and designs are also available.

Carpet Tile Ideas
The applications are endless: By mixing and matching you can create the perfect colour scheme to accent the furniture, window treatments, or wall colour. Customize the room by designing a border around the perimeter of the room and then finish with a pattern or solid design.

For great rooms, define social sections with carpet tiling rather than using area rugs. In basement or garage or any other “man cave,” finish the room by tiling the floor with his favourite sport insignia. With the ease of installation, any hard floor will become your canvas of colour and design.

If placing carpet tiles throughout the main living areas is too much, consider installing them in a child’s bedroom, rec room or any room where a family stays busy and messy. This way, a horrible spill becomes an easy tile section replacement fix.

Carpet Tiles are Eco Friendly
Carpet tiles are made from a variety of materials: There are the eco friendly styles made from bamboo and recycled plastic products, or the conventional manufacturing materials of higher end wools, and easy to fit into any budget, polyesters. Prices range on average between $1.00 a square foot to $40.00 a square foot with that variation in price determined by several factors: design, material, thickness and size.

If it’s a home floor, stick to the thicker padded styles. These have been specifically designed for home applications . The tiles we have all seen in large office buildings are more affordable but are thin, of minimal comfort, and mainly serve as a sound reducer over a decorating scheme. Decorative carpet tile for the home with that extra thickness, offers so much more: beauty, thermal insulation, foot comfort and one of a kind decor!

Carpet Tiles Are Easy To Install
Ease of installation is another positive characteristic of carpet tiling. Unlike conventional wall to wall carpet that requires professional delivery and installation, carpet tiles are easy to purchase, transport and install by any home owner who loves DIY projects. The bite-size levels of cutting and fitting dramatically cut down on remnant waste, compared to the large area-rug-size remnants that are the result of wall to wall installations.

With a ‘try before you buy’ option, you can bring sample swatches home; just like you would when considering a new wall colour. Test the pattern out in various areas around the room during different times of day and night, to check the look in natural and ambient light. If it’s not right, take it back and bring home something else.

The versatility of carpet tiling is beyond compare. If you have never considered this flooring option before, browse online today; you will surely be impressed.

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