Buying a Bra Online

Buying a bra online; only to find that it doesn’t fit once you get it, can be very disappointing. It is important to find out what your correct bra size is before you buy.

A bra might look absolutely stunning on the model, but when you receive it, it doesn’t fit properly. To avoid this happening to you, and to find the nicest range of undies just perfect for you, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Different Sizes for Different Folks

If you are buying from an online lingerie store and are used to the British sizes, be aware that the volume of the cup size in the US is larger than the volume of the cup size in the UK. In other words, if the actual breast is small, then the cup may be too big. You might want to go down a cup size in the padded bras, but keep the same size in the unpadded stretchy lace bras. Similarly, if you are buying French undies, remember that their sizes are generally smaller than the UK sizes of the same number: French large would be a UK medium or small.

Finding the Correct Bra Size

Far too many women have no idea of their correct bra size, and the best way to find out is:

Band Size

Put on the bra that fits you the best; does not flatten your breasts, and is not padded.
Take a flexible dressmaker’s tape measure and measure firmly around your rib cage, directly underneath your breasts.
Make sure that the tape measure does not twist or dip at the back, but is flat and horizontal.
This will be the number part of the bra size.

Cup Size

Measure closely around the fullest part of your breasts, but not tightly so as to cause a dent.
Make sure the tape is straight.
Now subtract the band size from the measurement that you have just taken.
This is your cup size and is the letter part of the bra size, but must be converted to letters.

Finding the Cup Size in Alphabetic Form

Once you have the difference between the band measurement and the breast measurement, you can then find the letter corresponding to the cup size as follows:

AA – less that 1 inch difference

A – 1 inch

B – 2 inches

C – 3 inches

D – 4 inches

DD – 5 inches

DDD – 6 inches

DDDD – 7 inches

Ready, Set…..Shop

Now that you have the correct size and a few helpful hints to hand; the only thing left to do is to go online, find what you want, and order.

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