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British Virgin Islands Luxury Rental Villas

Caribbean Vacations on Private Beachfront Property Can Be Affordable!

Group travel to the Caribbean can strain the budget. However, if you can’t afford a Caribbean luxury crewed yacht charter, there is always an alternative. Luxury vacations in private beachfront villas for rent in the British Virgin Islands are affordable in Virgin Gorda.

Mention luxury rental villas, and visions of money-draining vacations enter many travel planners’ minds. It’s true that in leaner times, even those who are accustomed to 5-star travel may hesitate before booking their next high-end trips. Rental villas in any highly desirable destination – Italy, France, the Caribbean – certainly seem like a splurge. But pound for pound (or dollar to dollar), those luxury villas can actually be more reasonable than are rooms and suites in their 5-star resort hotel counterparts.

Take Aquamare, in the British Virgin Islands, for example. Located as a ultra-luxe villa enclave in Virgin Gorda, these three 8,000 square foot villas bear all the hallmarks of seeming unaffordability for even luxury travel planners – but breaking down the prices per person shows a different picture.

Luxury rental villas like those at the Aquamare have multiple master suites and several bedrooms, making villas great for group and family vacations. Travel as a group of 12 to the British Virgin Islands’ wonderful Virgin Gorda, and the low season $13,750 per week price tag comes to just under $165 per person per day. That’s a lot less that the rooms go for at the BVI’s neighbors, the US Virgin Islands: Try booking a hotel suite on St. Thomas’ Ritz Carlton for $165 a night, even during the off season (it can’t happen).

Activities, Details and Amenities at the Aquamare Luxury Rental Villas:

Three 8,000 sq.ft. private villas
Located on Mahoe Bay, along Virgin Gorda’s Western coast
On site concierge to help meet every vacation need
Private chefs
Beach attendants
Access to private yachts – spend a day sailing around the British Virgin Islands
Housekeeping and laundry service
Nightly turn down service
Luxury brand Frette linens and Bulgari bath amenities
Each private villa has 3 full master suites
Fully equipped kitchen
Waterfront infinity pools

villa aguamare

The British Virgin Islands are ideal luxury vacation destinations in the Caribbean. Travelers familiar with this part of the Caribbean know that this island, the third largest of the chain, has interesting history like the famous Copper Mine, and gorgeous sights, such as The Baths. A tropical vacation in a luxury setting may seem to be a complete extravagance – and granted, it’s a splurge – but stating at a 5-star rental villa is more affordable for family and group travel than is a luxury resort hotel. Add to this the experience and memories of a wonderful trip, and the value is unquantifiable. A luxury vacation in a Caribbean rental villa like the Aquamare is worth every penny.

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