Awesome Pine Bunk Beds for a Child’s Room

Pine is a light coloured wood that suits most home interiors, and it is also more affordable than other woods and is a popular choice in bunk beds for these very reasons. Bunk beds are great for saving space or utilising an existing small space. Pine bunk beds come in various styles and designs and there are options available for all budgets.

What kind of pine bunk bed are you looking for: The two bed set up, a full and a single, a bed with workspace beneath, a bed with a sofa beneath? There are various kinds of bunk bed to choose from. Here are some ideas for what type of pine bunk beds are on offer.

Pine Loft Bed with Desk

These bunk beds are great for teenage rooms, as they save so much space and provide storage space within them.

There is plenty of room for a computer, monitor and keyboard, and lots of drawer space for extra storage. The second bed is usually a soft chair that unfolds to create a bed and can be folded back in when not needed, to be a comfy chair for reading and studying.  I found some great online cheap mattresses and pine bunks for less than 200 pounds.

Twin Pine Bunk Beds

If it’s just sleep space you’re looking for; the traditional bed-on-bed bunk bed may be what you need. Available in a variety of designs and pine finishes, these beds are space saving wonders: A simple solution to a very common problem.

Ideal for children who share a room, but without the need for extra floor space for two regular beds; these pine bunk beds are perfect for small rooms or just for saving floor space for a play area or other furniture.

Be prepared for the inevitable argument though; Who gets to sleep on the top bunk?! We all want to really…

Different Sized Pine Bunk Beds

If you need bunks beds that are larger than the regular twin sized, alternative options are to have a twin on the high bunk and a full size on the bottom. Alternatively, you could have a bunk bed where the mattresses are both larger than twin sized.

The twin / full bunk beds are ideal for siblings of varying ages who share a room. An older child may need more space, yet you can still incorporate the bunk bed space saving into a room, with the younger child sleeping in the twin.

For older siblings who share a room; full sized bunk beds are ideal. Also a good investment piece for rapidly growing kids, without the need to replace a twin bunk bed with a larger one in the future.

Kids love bunk beds; it’s a novelty being up high and a novelty being enclosed in the bottom bunk, like a secret little hideaway. Every child in my family who has had a bunk bed has ended up using it as a play area of sorts, with either their siblings or friends. For some reason, kids gravitate to bunk beds and find all manner of inventive games to play on them.

A good way to get kids used to sleeping on the less desirable bottom bunk is to play camp. Get a sheet and drape it from the top bunk over the open parts of the bottom bunk and hey presto: A secret hideaway from everyone else. Most kids love playing hideout so it’s bound to entice them. What’s so special about the top bunk now? The bottom bunk rocks!




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