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Fashion Looks Made Easy: Just the Basic Staples Can Get You through Any Season

I often see a lot of trends worn the wrong way, I also see people trying to wear too many trends all together; It can look like a big mess or perfectly polished, depending on your look. Here are a few helpful tips from a designer:


I am putting this first and foremost since I see it every day: don’t buy DMT, its what we call “dyed to match”. It looks forced, like you bought the outfit off the mannequin. Your look should appear put together but easy to assemble.

Find Your Size

I suggest you get out to the store and try everything on. know what works best with your body and don’t feel bad if something doesn’t fit. If it’s too tight, go up a size: It will fit better and no-one’s going to know what size you’re wearing. When I worked retail I had many women tell me they would never wear size ‘X’, but really it’s a vanity thing. Different brands cut different templates, so some sizes; even though they’re the same number, may fit some body types but not others.


Don’t combine more than two trends. I worked retail for years and I see many people pull garments off the rack and try them all together; Just because it’s a seasonal trend doesn’t mean you should splurge. As a rule I don’t spend more than $100 on anything seasonal: For example, leggings and a tunic with a chunky sweater: splurge on the leggings because they will take you through three seasons. My wardrobe is based on classic staples.

The Basics

1. Leather Blazer; I purchased this in the menswear department at a discount chain. It’s oversized and lined in satin, I pair this with a loose blue banded tunic and gray leggings with my mum’s high end designer boots. If a leather blazer isn’t your thing, make sure you invest in a piece of flattering outerwear. It’s a shame to cover up your thoughtfully put-together look with a big goose down comforter sewn into a coat.

2. Leggings; in basic neutrals like black, gray and beige. I wear them with everything, from dresses to tees and my favorite kicks.

3. Jeans; in every cut. I often favour dark wash because they can get dressed up or down. I don’t care about brands, I focus on the fit.

4. Band Tees; can’t live without them.

5. Dresses; not just black (I have at least four LBDs) but other flattering solids. Preferably jewel-tone blues and purples; Especially for the colder months, to add some pop. I love vintage styles, but the biggest problem is that they usually come in one size only.

6. Invest in a tailored button down collared shirt. I have about four, in solids and stripes; my favorites are silk with darts in the back.

7. Dress slacks; I have one pair that are a straight wide leg with super tiny pin stripes in velvet. I love them because they don’t wrinkle and I can get two days’ wear out of them.

Outdated Rules:

Here are a few rules my mother insisted upon, that were made to be broken:

1. Match the Handbag with the Shoe: Sometimes, but not always. I often break this rule with a really special handbag paired with a simple pump, or a patterned flat with a basic clutch.

2. Always Wear a Slip: Mostly out of style now, but depends on the dress and the occasion.

3. No Nude Legs: I never wear hose unless it’s a solid or a pattern, in the colder months; even then I prefer to ditch the hose; that is of course unless you have a specific office dress code; sheer flesh tone hose instantly dates your look.

4. Always Put on Your Face: I haven’t worn a full face of makeup in years. Even though now there are many foundations that are made of more organic ingredients, or that claim to be ‘age defying,’ I prefer to go bare. Foundation tends to settle into the crevices around the eyes and mouth; instantly adding ten years, especially with powders.

5. Don’t Let Your Bra Strap Show: Again, it depends; I see many younger girls wearing oversized tops with a bright printed bra. I think it looks cute on them, but not on me, especially at the office or during drinks with clients.

6. Don’t Wear Hose with an Open-Toe Shoe: An opaque or patterned hose with a peep toe or heel, Tes; A sheer hose with a sandal, No.

Hopefully this short overview will help you avoid some fashion faux paus this Autumn.

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